Jeff Possiel

Driven by curiosity | Maker and marketer connecting people and ideas

Founder Dogwood Projects
Independent portfolio of online communities including newsletters, groups, and courses.

Creative content
+ productive partnerships
+ community engagement
= individual and brand development

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Current Projects

Leadership Think Tank

LinkedIn group + Newsletter community discussing life and work wellness through topics like leadership, mindfulness, communication, relationships, business-life harmony etc.

HR Endeavors Newsletter

Newsletter for HR, People Ops, + Organizational Development pros with insights and trends on talent, culture and performance management.


Newsletter for growth-minded sales + marketing pros interested in tools and strategies for improving skills, knowledge, and networking.

Write and Grow

Course for teaching how to control your career and build your brand through content-based networking WITHOUT being an industry leader or expert writer.

Write and Grow

Resource Pack Download guiding you through the remote job landscape with 1,600+ distributed companies, open jobs, tools + habits to help be a successful remote employee.

Write and Grow

Oscillate Photography is a personal photography site capturing the stillness of a moment, candid and now. Landscapes, travel, family + fun.